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Excel is the most commonly-used tool for data processing and, for instance, commonly used in the financial industry to process financial statements. However, typing all the data manually from JPG to Excel is a time-consuming, inefficient process and will likely lead to typing mistakes.

Table Reader is the best solution to solve this pain point from users worldwide because we are not only the developer of Table Reader but also a heavy user of Table Reader to process large amounts of data from financial statements. In the past year, we have used various online tools to handle our internal requests, and none offers an accurate, user-friendly and cost-efficient solution. That’s why we aim to develop the best online table reading tools in the world to fulfil this common user pain point all around the world. In this post, we will further explain Table Reader — what it is, why it matters and how it works.

Table Reader — Image to Excel Converter

What is Table Reader? Why does it matter?

Table Reader is a data analytic tool that enables the data extraction from both images (JPG, PNG, HEIC, SVG, BMP, TIFF) — “Image to Excel Converter” and PDF (Images & Text) — “PDF to Excel Converter” to an editable Excel file in a user-friendly approach.

The developer has capitalized on the OCR tech feature. With the help of OCR technology, Table Reader can support over 50 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, German and French.

By using Table Reader — “Image to Excel Converter”, you can convert the JPG to Excel incredibly quickly. All tables in the JPG file are extracted accurately and efficiently. With Table Reader, a great deal of time is saved, and work can be conducted more efficiently.

The level of accuracy is also worth mentioning. Table Reader has been repeatedly tested for many months and is endorsed by professionals in various industries for its accuracy of file conversion from JPG to Excel, with successful conversion accuracy of over 90%. The likelihood of inaccuracies is mitigated to a significant extent by the use of Table Reader.

How it works — “Image to Excel Converter”

1. Take a screenshot of the document for file conversion.

2. Drag and drop the images (JPG, PNG, HEIC, SVG, BMP, TIFF) or click “Choose New Files”.

Table Reader — JPG to Excel Converter — Upload Image
Table Reader — Image to Excel Converter

3. Crop the image to exactly only the table to limit the processing data.

Table Reader — JPG to Excel Converter — Table Editing
Table Reader — Image to Excel Converter

4. Wait for 5–10 seconds for Table Reader to convert your JPG file to Excel format.

5. Give us a rating to get download links of result files.

6. Note that files will be deleted immediately after the conversion.

★ If you’re unsatisfied with the result, you can give 2 stars to the accuracy and manually construct the line according to your preference.

Table Reader — JPG to Excel Converter — Rating
Table Reader — Image to Excel Converter

You can upload 1–5 JPG files for conversion and are free to merge and unmerge them on Table Reader each time. If you want to unmerge all the files together, please make sure that you have ticked “Process Each Image Without Merging” below the “Choose New Files” section. If you do not tick this option, all files are merged together by default. Kindly be reminded that the maximum file size is 10MB/file.

Excel is indispensable in many work scenarios and the manual conversion of documents in different formats to Excel is often required. Table Reader is therefore essential and it must become your reliable working assistant, empowering you to perform your work accurately and efficiently while the privacy of your data is always guaranteed.

If you’ve read this blog and feel that Table Reader is something you need, you can try it at https://www.table-reader.com! Table Reader is currently only available as an online version, but it is free to use all of Table Reader’s tools until the end of 2021. I’m certain you will have a great experience with Table Reader.



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